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brad_the_mad [userpic]

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October 22nd, 2013 (11:49 am)

Finally, my plan for world domination is getting somewhere. I know, I know been away for months but I did a lot of things to improve my life.

list time!

- I'm an apprentice tattooer and, more importantly, am being treated seriously as an artist and not like a little pet-slave-thing. Most apprentices can tell you all about the hell that is apprenticeship, not so for me. Having a ball! And yes that means I'm halfway out of stupid welfare!!!

- I now have two places to hang my artwork, now to make some LOL.

- Picked up photography again, will probably fill my two galleries with that as I simply do not have the time to paint for another month or so.

- Starting up a small e-store in the Netherlands with a friend of mine. We're going to sell corsets first and later expand to include a wide range of clothes. All Goth style at first but expanding on that too as we make progress. Another get-the-fuck-out-of-welfare plan.

- Still volunteering like crazy(50-60hrs a week) but I do it for people-networking, politicians actually. A local party was actually interested in me joining up but me? A politician? Hell no. What matters to me is that I can get things done for me and other people that need it.

- I officially do not give a rat's ass anymore what people think of me. I'm so back in my goth look and finally got the haircut I always wanted but never dared ie. shave your hair until you get what you need for a mohawk but grease it up and pull it to the back. And dye it black..duh.
Got my piercings back, except for the tongue but I want to do that when I have more than a few days of as I need to redo the thing and I hate talking with a swollen tongue.
Still wearing three-piece suits though, I am not the clasps, belt-buckle type. I love the look but it looks hideous on me, is very unpractical AND will not be appreciated at work.

The things is, this look actually works for me instead of against me. Yes it draws negative attention too but the people I need appreciate it or remember me as that "weird artist". Perfect!

So yeah busy and there's finally a (black)light at the end of the tunnel.

brad_the_mad [userpic]

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September 26th, 2008 (05:57 pm)


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